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The Italian Court Expositions – Kutná Hora

Themes such as silver mining and minting are embodied into the articulated halls and architecture of the historical grounds of Italian Court. The history of mining and the silver manufactory in Kutná Hora is bounded with several important figures of the history – Czech kings, whose stories are also part of the presentation. The visitor can walk trough particular expositions and through different thematical areas into a basement with a children´s climbing frame and comic book depiction of mystery of silver, further across the areas of the ground floor dedicated to royal mint and to three-dimensional sceneries with exhibition of craftsmanship, that was essenttial for mining and the ore processing. Area of the first floor conceived as a royal palace apprises the visitors with stories of Czech kings and their credits for minting. All those themes combine audiovisual perceptions with three-dimensional sceneries and interactive elements of all kinds.

Year 2020
Místo realizace Kutná Hora