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The Modernization of Expositions – North Bohemian Museum Liberec

A complex realization of expositions in a reconstructed, listed building of North Bohemiam Museum in Liberec came true according to project documentation from architecture studio Hlaváček Architects. The exposition is very extensive thematically and spatially and challenging by its design of presentation, dedicated to traditional fields from glassmaking, ceramics, porcelain, textile, old prints or jewelcrafting, placed on the first floor of the museum´s building. On the ground floor might be found independetly another Nature exposition and unusually conceived exhibition of the history of Liberec with built-in floor. There are educative and interactive elements incorporated into all themes by the authors, which are brightening up the static presentations in the display cases. The part of the completion was also complete furnishing of the entrance and reception/cash register areas.

Year 2020
Místo realizace Modernizace expozic - Severočeské muzeum Liberec