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Museum of National History and Nature , Kyjov

A complex of permanent expositions with national history themes is situated on two floors of a reconstructed renaissance castle. The expositions realization was based on our own project made by academic painter Jan Brynda. Trough scenographic and interactive form the expositions concern fields of distant and recent history, ethnography or nature of Kyjov area and its surroundings. For a extremely successful dominant of the museum is considered the presentation of archeology, which introduces us a walk trough and above excavations – graves of old Langobards with authentic background (author´s drawing). All of the expositions are filled with sounds, paintings, flying birds across the nature, while you can hear their singing, clothes slowly disappearing from a langobard girl in a grave, leaving there only her skeleton, virtual historical stamp turning over from all sides, drive of the kings sounding through the ethnographic area, projected on a flat.

Year 2020
Místo realizace Expozice Vlastivědného muzea Kyjov

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