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Exposition Rockclimbing ”From Bohemian Paradise To the Tops of the World” Museum of Bohemian Paradise Turnov

Project of Hippos Architect Studio has innovative content and unique workmanship far away from typical exposition concept. Instead of using standard walls, visitor walks through white angled polygonal structures evoking rocky landscape. Not even the trail is flat, it is upsloping, over ridges from ground up to the first floor. On the walls – rocks of different sizes – texts, pictures and audiovisual effects could be observed. As a whole they present summary of rockclimbing history, techniques, tying knots and mainly personalities over time. Exposition is thematically divided according to climbing techniques, from simple rocks to conquering world´s highest mountains. Presentation also contains exhibits, some of them hidden under untraditional display cases located in polygonal structures, others attached directly on the ”rocks”.

Year 2019

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