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Exposition "Story of Těšín Silesia“ – Museum of Tesin Region in Česky Tesin

Permanent exposition of Museum of Tesin Region based on project of Ivo Plas is located in renovated building, which has not served it´s original purpose for the last 20 years. It is depicting history of Tesin Region, development of it´s territory, landscape, crafts, industry, coal mining and all other attributes including it´s celebrities. Areas of interest aren´t just presentations of artifacts, they turned into living organisms instead. There is a pony pulling cart of coal through the tunnel, ancestor from 9th Century is roasting corn, kings speak, you can scroll throug virtual newspaper in the funcionalistic Avion café. Without skipping it´s course of informing and entertaining, the exposition uses virtual effects and 3D installations to show next “levels“. Playfullness, possibilities to touch things, being part of the story, choosing information and controling what is going on the have been added. There i salso designated area for schools.

Year 2020

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