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Rudolf Jelínek “Visitor Center EXPO“, Prague

The realization of interior and equipment of an interactive exposition in a reconstructed object of the Visitor Center in Prague 1. The exposition acquaints the visitors using various means of expression with the history of Rudolf Jelínek company, with its activities and also with the principle of the Slivovitz production itslef. It is divided thematically and spatially between four units, Besides the historical factography it depicts also a typical fruitful countryside that prosper the plums and the plum tree growth, processing the plum in 4D and it also shows which technologies are used within the production. The presentations combine 2D, 3D, static design, interactive models, scenography, graphic design, including AV technologies. An important place in the exposition takes the 4D projection “A Journey of a Plum“ in a round space in shape of a plum where the visitor can experience except the 3D audiovisual perception also a seat movement, scent and temperature changes at the same time.The author of the project and the general contractor was AV Media a.s.

Year 2020
Místo realizace Expozice „Návštěvnického centra Rudolf Jelínek“, Praha